Australian repository software in use

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CAIRSS now has a current list of Australian university research repositories (see:

As outlined on this CAIRSS webpage, all 39 Australian universities have a research repository, with seven various repository software options currently in use.

CAIRSS will be working in the future to list which version of the software each installation uses.



Harvesting fromĀ Flickr

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Flickr is a web suite capable of hosting still images and videos. CAIRSS has received questions from the community regarding harvesting from this suite in particular.

There are other types of photography management software available such as Picasa, F-Spot and DigiKam. However these are out of the scope of this blog post.


To get started with Flickr you have to register for a Yahoo account. Once registered you are able to create a Flickr account and customize your profile.

Uploading content

There are quite a few ways to upload content to Flickr, examples of these include:

Flickr Uploadr
A client application available for Windows and Mac. This software is an official Flickr tool and allows the user to add titles, tags, descriptions and sets.
iPhoto and Aperture
iPhoto and Aperture are client applications for the Mac, features include uploading, editing and organizing images.
Flickr is capable of accepting content from a users computer or mobile device via email.

Editing content

Picnik is an online photo editing and official Flickr partner.

Organizing content

Organizr, an official Flickr tool, is an online photo organizer and editor used to search and browse content as well as organize content into collections and sets.

Harvesting content

There is a growing number of third party applications (not official flickr applications) available for harvesting content from Flickr. Examples of these include:

Upload, Download and search tool for Windows (requires .NET framework).
Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome. Preferably installed in Ubuntu Linux this application allows online and offline editing including adding, removing and editing of photos, tags, sets and comments.
Windows application that allows downloading of photos in bulk using sets, requires .NET framework.
A plugin capable of directly exporting flickr images via iPhoto or Aperture.
An Adobe Air application available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Flickr API

Flickr has provided an API for non-commercial use by outside developers.

Interacting with the Flickr API can be done using most of the common programming languages such as Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl.

If there is sufficient interest from the CAIRSS community, CAIRSS Central can move to investigate creating a customized application using Java, PHP etc or even a command line script using Curl, Python or Perl.

If anybody has successfully harvested from Flickr and would like to contribute their information to the CAIRSS community or if you are a member of the CAIRSS community and would like to request assistance with this topic please contact

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